The Company Celebrates 25 Years of its Modern History

The Company Celebrates 25 Years of its Modern History

On this occasion let’s briefly look back at those 25 years.


The company Moravské chemické závody (Moravian Chemical Works) in Ondřejovice was sold during the big privatisation. A new company Ondřejovická strojírna spol. s r.o. was established by this sale. The company executives and partners became: Ladislav Kožuský, Dalibor Seibert, Antonín Dušek and Josef Hudáček. Other partners were Ing. Antonín Hořák and Mr. Josef Malaník. The aim of the big privatisation was to keep qualified production, namely of pressure vessels, significant extension of pumps production volume and introduction of type products production.

1992 – 1995

Due to the large attenuation of investments to chemical industry, there was a research of new traditional customers, namely for pressure vessels. Despite this, there was a drop in production, austerity measures were made, and the payment incompetence of customers had negative influence.  The company sold its segregated plant in Mikulovice and moved all of its production to the plant in Ondřejovice.


Mastering of stainless materials welding by a MIG-MAG Method.


The stuffing-box-less tanks were granted the mark “Czech Made”.

1996 – till now

The company gradually acquires certification for production of pressure vessels in several foreign standards: (1996 - ASME Code; 1997 – PED 97/23 CE – Modul H, H1; 2001 - AD Merkblatt; 2005 - GOST R; 2006 – ROSTECHNADZOR and PROMATOMNADZOR), for production of pressure devices for nuclear power engineering in Czech Repubic and also in systematic standards: (2009 - ČSN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 3834 a OHSAS 18001). The company is being regularly recertified for those standards.


Introduction of an automatic welding under the flux.


The debt for the purchase of the company had been paid – This meant the opportunity of further development of the company and further investments.


The works on CNC workplace for material burning and welding started. Introduction of orbital welding: tube – tubing.


Gas distribution system was completed.


Construction of water tank and wetland in the company premises.


The company Information systems SiteLine and Apso were launched. Introduction of stainless materials welding by tube wire.


The production of vessels coated with pressed half-tubes has started. Introduction of tubing welding under the machine. The production of exchangers from duplex materials started.


Introduction of production of colons from monel materials.


Ing. Roman Stárek and Jaroslav Semela became the holders of procuration.


Installation of new bridge crane at Equipment manufacture I. Upgrade of information system to SiteLine 7. Extensive repair of sanitary facilities for workers.


Full launch of new Information system. First significant growth of profit.


Integrated management system was introduced. 1.000 of trees and bushes were planted in the company areal. Project documentation for construction and reconstruction of Equipment manufacture I. and Equipment manufacture III was drafted. The certificate of specialty was granted to our company based on the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 3834 and OHSAS 18001. The company was awarded in the program National quality award 2009 as “Successful Company”.

There was a merger of companies Ondřejovická strojírna spol. s r.o. and Fagonia Consulting– It led to the establishment of company Ondřejovická strojírna a. s. The only shareholders became the former holders of procuration - Ing. Roman Stárek and Jaroslav Semela.


Crisis year caused by the world crisis. Significant drop in number orders was among others dealt with by joining the program “Educate Yourself!” – systematic development of so called soft skills meant for all employees of the company. Installation of suction and filtration system Kemper on Equipment manufacture II and on Pumps Workshop. Purchase of spectrometer and other diagnostic and measuring devices. The receivable from company KORFIL, amounting to TCZK 25.405, was written off.


The construction of a new hall, the reconstruction of Equipment manufacture I and reconstruction of the parking lot for employees have started. Growth in number of orders. The biggest order in the modern history – UNIS. Purchase of new forklift. Installation of 2psc bridge crane, welding machine, welders and burning machine CNC with the support from EU structural funds. The gas regulatory station from high pressure to medium pressure was put into operation – this meant the possibility of annealing directly in the company.


The project “ICT in companies” was launched – purchase of new Information technologies. Replacement of all personal computers and other devices, including digitized exchange. Regular language lessons for chosen employees of English and Russian language started. The construction of the hall and the parking lot was completed. Achieving record revenues. Purchase of annealing panel assembly and bridge crane on Equipment Manufacture II. Extensive project of reconstruction of company sewerage was made. Significant growth of employees.


Purchase of rail trolleys, orbital welders, forklift. New accounting system ALEF for wages and new time attendance system were introduced. There was a partial reconstruction of administrative building. The registered office of the company was changed – to Prague. Closer cooperation with nearby engineering schools based on individual projects has started. The company itself has been individually retraining its new employees.


The software SiteLine 7 was upgraded to SiteLine 8. There was an extensive recertification within the EAC standard. Purchase of new tractor, reconstruction of CCTV. Elaboration of a project for construction of Equipment Manufacture IV. including blasting chamber. Purchase of 2pcs universal milling machines, plate benders, 2 bridge cranes, lathe, and band saw for metals with the support from EU Structural funds.


Drop in revenues. Necessity to reduce the number of overhead employees. There was a complete reconstruction of dining room and buffet, adjustment of crane tracks on Mechanic workshop and Production preparation.


There was an energy audit to gain the opportunity of further savings on energies. The management of orders has become transparent. Design and production of universal device for completion of exchangers’ tube bundles (the lever bending in and tube insertion). It was tested on an independent order for Thermax.  Lower revenues due to the orders for Thermax and Casale, which were not completed. Gradual change in production to various prototype solutions with our participation. General repair of planning machine.


The company celebrates its 25 years anniversary of its modern history. The management thanks all current and former loyal employees for conducting great work. Its result is the possibility of further development of this joint stock company and fulfillment of the objectives, which are necessary for further company performance. At the same time, the management thanks all of its partner, reliable customers and proven suppliers for their trust, which they have to our production and business activities.

The construction of Equipment Manufacture IV. including new blasting chamber has begun. There will be a growth in number of employees. The company started to employ calculation engineers for pressure vessels again.

The company management has decided to establish a holding structure. The company Ondřejovická strojírna a.s. is controlled by the holding HASSMANN Group spol s r. o., which is owned by the owners of Ondřejovická strojírna.