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This company newly searches for business cases, concludes contract with end customers and orders the production (not only at Ondřejovická strojírna a.s., but also at other companies), purchases materials and offers after sales services – for all those activities the company hires the employees of company Ondřejovická strojírna a.s.

  • Design of equipment for customers
  • Production
  • Design




Take a look at 4 heatexchangers which we successfully produced and shipped to KTI POLAND S.A. Their final destination was ORLEN, Plock. They might not look oversized, but due to the shell wall thickness 73mm they are actually very heavy. The weight of 1 piece was around 80 tons! All welding was performed with preheating and all welds were checked by TOFD method.
The Company Celebrates 25 Years of its Modern History

The Company Celebrates 25 Years of its Modern History

On this occasion let’s briefly look back at those 25 years. 1992 The company Moravské chemické závody (Moravian Chemical Works) in Ondřejovice was sold during the big privatisation. A new company Ondřejovická strojírna spol. s r.o. was established by this sale. The company executives and partners became: Ladislav Kožuský, Dalibor Seibert, Antonín Dušek and Josef Hudáček. Other partners ... (more)
Authorisation for CASALE SA

Authorisation for CASALE SA

After the audit performed by CASALE SA, on 16 March 2016 our company received an information letter about the positive result of this audit. The qualification relates to performance of the jobs for our important client – the company CASALE SA.