Production program

Pumps - specification

STUFFING-BOX-LESS TANKS - ZVS SERIES The stuffing-box-less tanks ZVS as intended for pumping agids, lyes, thin muds and all other wage liquids up to the temperature 150° C with the content of solid substances up to 30% of weight and the size of grain up to 7 mm. The pumps are suitable for pumping drinking water and food industry. The pumps are ... (more)

Scope of activity and authorisations

Industries where we operate Chemical industry Petrochemical industry Energetic industry Food industry Pharmaceutical industry Water management industry Mining industry Obtained authorisations Quality system certificate according to the requirement of the Directive of the European Parliament and Council PED 97/23/EC, mod ... (more)

Welding posibilities

Welding SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW, Orbital welding tube x tube with preheating Method SMAW  Method GMAW  Method GTAW Method FCAW Method SAW Orbital welding tube x tube with preheating Orbital automatic welding - tube + tube plate CS/SS welding of ... (more)

Production potential

Workshop Possibilities Products Maximum diameter: cca 4 000 mm Maximum length: cca 50 000 mm Maximum weight: cca 100 t Sheet metal bending machine Maximum length: cca 3 050 mm Maximum thickness: cca 30 mm Maximum diameter: 4 000 mm Minimum diameter: 470mm Bending max. 12 mm at the length of 4000 mm Tube bending ... (more)