Project "Reconstruction and extension of the production hall D and reconstruction of parking lot for employees."

The project for the reconstruction and extension of the production hall D, together with reconstruction of parking for employees was realised in the company premises.

This project is part of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation – Properties programme Call II, which was funded by the European Union.

In the first phase, the work on the hall extension, partial supervision and detailed documentation was scheduled. The first phase was completed in due time.

In the second stage, the extension of the hall was supposed to be finished until 30 November 2011. This task was completed in time.

In case of the third phase, which is focused on reconstruction of the hall and building of wiring technology, the deadline has been met, too.

The fourth phase included works on hard surfaces and parking for employees. 

In the sub-sections of the menu you can find a photo gallery of the project. The photo gallery is divided into different parts of the project, namely: "Extension of the production hall D", "Reconstruction of the existing factory building K I" and "Reconstruction of parking for employees."